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Pinhole Glasses are a safe and completely natural option that may help your eyesight by simply wearing them for just a quarter of an hour each day.




Relax the eyes

Calm the mind

Relax the whole nervous system

Improve eyesight

A lot of eye focusing problems are caused by weak muscles in the eye.

Pinhole glasses are specifically designed to exercise the muscles in your eyes responsible for focusing. When you look through the pinholes it improves your ability to focus and thus helps reduce stress, headaches, and tension.


When you look at an object, your brain adjusts the focus of your eyes until it senses an increase in contrast. When your brain cannot find a difference between a dark and light area it cannot focus your vision. Pinholes improve this contrast which helps your brain find the focus point more easily. This gives you a sharper, clearer picture.



As your brain makes your eyes use their focus muscles more with the pinholes, the muscles are exercised. So they become stronger and better at focusing when you are not wearing them. They are reported to be particularly effective for computer screen use.

Pinhole Glasses work for both long and short-sightedness. However, they tend to work better and faster for long-sightedness because short-sightedness can have different causes. Be sure that there is enough light.



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Lucca Adamson
11 May 2020

Thanks for making this product available. I absolutely hate to wear regular glasses. They always make my eyesight blurrier when I take them off. With the Pinhole Glasses, I can use them while I work on the computer and when I take them off my eyesight is as good as when I put them on and my eyes are not tired.

Harriet Stokes
10 May 2020

I have ordered these glasses for my mom who has macular [degeneration]. She did not want to try the glasses initially because she thought it was a crazy pair of glasses. But I gave them to her...because of the way the glasses work by blocking out the light. Before them she was only able to see 3/4ths of the TV screen, now she is able to watch the full TV screen with these glasses

Ignacy Richardson
10 May 2020

What happened is that my vision was deteriorating. I was given reading glasses by an optometrist which made my eyesight worse when using them. I suppose my vision was 20/20 or so - it was not tested - but blurry and needing glasses to focus on fine print,etc. I then started with the pinhole glasses [Pinhole Glasses] as earlier mentioned as well as some eye exercises. Later, I went to the eye doctor and in one eye (the eye that I focus with as my other eye I have an injury and I can not focus or read with it directly at all) the eyesight in that eye improved from 20/20 to 20/15 - also the blurriness was gone on the fine print reading.

Aedan Chandler
8 May 2020

Those Pinhole glasses are the neatest thing! I can't go out of the house without them when the sun is out, and I also wear them when I go shopping, and anyplace where the lighting allows me to use them. They are also the greatest looking pair of "sunglasses" I have ever owned. Really, thank you very much for coming out with such a great product.

Nadir Cairns
8 May 2020

My mother has been wearing your pinhole classes for 5 years off and on. She had a vision of around 3.00 but recently when she went to the eye doctor for a checkup. Her vision dropped to 1.14. How amazing! They just get better. Thanks to my mom's vision improvement I use pinhole glasses and my eye doctor can't believe my vision stopped changing for the worse from glasses. Thanks for selling such a great product!.

Bernice Kearns
7 May 2020

Instead of headaches from watching a TV up close (small apartment makes it 8 feet from the couch) with ordinary glasses, the pinholes make for a great substitute. Thanks for making the product. I really feel that years from now will have been worth it

Miguel Jackson
6 May 2020

People with both close and distant blur and astigmatism are able to use microhole (pinhole) sight correctors. Almost everyone, no matter what their error of refraction, sees clearly through sight correctors.A

Libbi Greer
3 May 2020

Very glad for the fast delivery of the seller! I recommend!!

Charlotte Boyer
2 May 2020

Very good, my vision improved with the glasses, continue to exercise!

Fathima Briggs
1 May 2020

I gave a pair of pinholes to my father-in-law. He has detached retina, glaucoma, and optic nerve degeneration. He was thrilled. He can watch TV again. He went to an outdoor concert and sat in the back. He put on his pinholes and could see the profile of the performer. He could even tell he was wearing a bow tie and tuxedo. Usually Dad has to ask how many people are on stage!

Coral Lambert
1 May 2020

Glasses are cool, comfortable, do not press and do not fall off.

Faith Mcfarland
29 Abr 2020

Amazing Concept. I am using it for a while now. My vision while i wear glasses is perfect. But till date there is no change in my eyesight number once i take the glasses off. I am assuming that it might take a few months before it improves my regular eyesight.

Marian Wharton
3 Abr 2020

I was very impressed when I tried these glasses. I really could watch TV much [more] clearly. Now I use my glasses every day when I read books. Pinhole glasses are inexpensive and provide fairly clear vision at all distances

Jarrod Seymour
3 Abr 2020

Excellent concept and it really works. Use in moderation especially in the beginning. I have used this for a long time now and find it just fantastic. You are advised not have unrealistic expectations. It is a useful tool when used properly and it is a great help to some types of eye defects caused by refractive errors. Makes life more normal by enabling those who cannot read otherwise because of needing very strong glasses

Callam Levy
1 Abr 2020

Why do I suddenly see more clearly if I wear them? Pinhole glasses may help people who have astigmatism to see better, but only when they’re wearing them. Astigmatism keeps the rays of light that your eyes take in from meeting at a common focus. Pinhole glasses reduce the amount of light your eyes take in. Pinhole glasses are advertised as a way to decrease eyestrain. So I advise these glasses as an alternative device to improve your vision

Benny Pike
10 Mar 2020

Item was just what was described arrived on time

Jimmie Case
3 Mar 2020

Pretty glasses as in the picture. Very surprised with the result!

Olaf Abbott
1 Mar 2020


Mirza Croft
12 Feb 2020

In the morning it's good-so that the light does not irritate. But on the computer it is difficult for me with them: the keyboard can double and depending on the squint changes strongly visibility.

Kush Cruz
2 Dic 2019

Everything is OK

Pinhole Glasses

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