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This massager provides long-lasting relaxation and well-being, evacuates stress and deep fatigue while taking care of the health of your eyes.




It presses firmly on 10 acupuncture points, providing a firm and even massage on the temples and around the forehead area effectively eliminating headaches, migraine and tension.




Up to 42°C, a heat that relieves, soothes, and relaxes your eyes, improves blood circulation, and cares for your skin to fight under-eye circles, dry eyes, and bags under the eyes.




Listening to music during an eye massage has an extremely relaxing effect on your mind and body by slowing your heart rate and limiting stress hormones.




The ergonomic design makes it easily transportable. It adapts to any face shape thanks to its adjustable strap and foldable design.




It is designed with a soft and silky cushion to maximize comfort.




Up to 8 uses per charge and an integrated smart timer that allows you to do 15-minutes relaxation sessions.




It’s quick to get started, very easy to use. Select your favorite mode with a click.




Características Del Artículo
Brand Name:
Power Source:
None Electric
as picture show
Manufacturing Process:
Machine Made
Model Number:
Eye Massage Machine
Charging time:
5 hours
Working time:
15 minutes / each time
Input voltage:
Standby time:
30 days
Vibration frequency:
Product material:
Battery capacity:
Massage principle:
air pressure / heat / vibration / music
Product Features 1:
Relieve eye fatigue
Product Features 2:
Dry eyes
Product Features 3:
Video cognac
Product Features 4:
Eye bags
Product Features 5:
Eye aging
Product Features 6:
Protect eyesight
Product Features 7:
Improve sleep quality
Product Features 8:
Refuse dark circles
Product Features 9:
Prevention of myopia
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Emilija Wolf
12 May 2020

This eye massager holds multiple functions that can make me feel heating, extrusion, kind of like shiatsu and kneading, and vibration. All are able to combine in a 15 minutes session or switch/turn off freely.It has air compressions that tighten and release at just the perfect moment at the ideal strength. There are 3 modes and I think the hard mode is a little hard for beginners, I would recommend more on the first and second mode. After 15 mins of massaging, I removed the massager and still kept my eyes closed for 30 seconds as the seller suggested, and when I opened, I felt WOW so refreshed and lifted! Really the strains all melted away! Thanks for obviously doing lots of research on pressure points as well as true headaches and taking the time to make this amazing headache relief product!

Archibald Hayden
11 May 2020

What I love most about the cordless eye massager is that it forces you to just take a break. Your eyes are covered, so its time to take a time out for yourself. No checking your phone, or watching TV...just time to relax and chill. The eye massager is super easy to control,Great for sinus pressure and overall pressure of the day. Great relaxer and gives you time to even meditate.

Rudi Kearns
11 May 2020

I was unsure about this because of the price, but I saw it on a list of things that can help with anxiety, insomnia, and sinuses and having issues with all those things I thought it was worth a try. I have loved it since I tried it. It helps a lot with any sinus headaches I get and I’ve had many times it helped me fall asleep. I didn’t know how easy it was going to be to sleep in, but it’s so relaxing I’ve fallen asleep wearing it on accident. I definetly reccomend for anyone with anxiety or sleep issues and problems with sinuses. It’s worth the money.

Aahil Whyte
10 May 2020

I love this it’s very relaxing. My neighbor tried it and almost fell asleep at my table. I wish it was a bit larger to really get the temple area a little better. Overall great eye massager. Best one on the market! The only downside I believe is I wish you could take the vibration off. Other than that, my boyfriend and I have been using this every night and it is a beautifully designed product. It leaves my eyes feeling refreshed and the heat is great. Also, I love the fabric for it too as other eye massagers have a more plasticy material.

Aden Porter
10 May 2020

When I feel tired, I almost always feel it first in my eyes, like after watching a computer monitor for a while or driving for hours. Getting a short nap or using a red-eye drop sometimes helps, but they are not always available and not always recommended. For those who share similar symptoms, this product *MUST* be used. It massages your temple and applies mild heat on your eye lids, which I think are the best things I can get from this product. To me, the heat is essential since it relieves tension in my eyes and makes me feel completely refreshed as if I get the best sleep. There is no medical evidence, but I think this helps my headache or when I have trouble with getting to sleep. I always bring this item when I fly or drive for more than several hours. As in the picture I attach, I have two of them, one at home and one in the office, so that I can always use it. I'm sure to give a 5 stars

Keiron Holder
9 May 2020

This is amazing. So relaxing and actually will ease a migraine! When I first received the product, I was taken away by the elegant packaging. The eye massager is very nice and my eyes felt better after using it. It gently presses against your temples and areas around the eye. Other than that, I would recommend anyone with sore and irritated eyes to try it!

Dane Briggs
9 May 2020

Very comfortable makes my eyes super blurry after but I feel so relaxed. I had to share this on my social media due to the wonders it has provided me with headaches, tension and migraines. I'm not a person that hates western medicine I just look for healthy ways to reduce pain that sometimes means having the pain longer. But I have used this every night sometimes in the middle of the day if a migraine starts lurking in. Worth every cent!

Ammarah Guerra
8 May 2020

I decided to buy it as I have eye strain, I used to apply hot compress eye mask to get relief. This smart eye massager helps me a lot, the heat come up within 1 or 2 seconds, and my eyes feel so comfortable and soothing. It’s amazing device. Comfortable and relaxing!

Glyn Broughton
7 May 2020

Absolutely amazing! So relaxing to put these on at the end of the day. They are comfortable and very easy to use. I Love the heat feature and the Bluetooth sound quality was surprisingly good! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!

Danny Pritchard
7 May 2020

Love, love, love this product. I have many chronic headaches and some migraines often. This product helps relax me and the massaging helps, if not to take it away completely, it at least takes the edge off. I love the heat fixture and was surprised because I’ve always used ice packs before. There 2 slight negatives one being it can get heavy but if you lie down not bad. Also I wish I had a way to turn off Bluetooth. I would buy this product again.

Fynn Sharp
6 May 2020

Easy to use. Has massage and heat, when the massage finished it will turn off by itself. I use every night for a week. I feel my dry eye improves. I am hoping dark circle will go away too😀 I bought this to help with eye fatigue and now the whole family uses it. Primarily massages the temple area. I like the heat feature. It is a little heavy and my wife says it's uncomfortable on the bridge of her nose. Overall very happy.

Daanish Kramer
5 May 2020

I had 5 times eye surgeries in past two years when my vision hit the point of blindness. For my post surgery recovery I bought this device because people told me it’s good. I have used it twice a day for two weeks and it seems help somehow. The reason I give 4 stars is that it feels tight when I put it on over my eyes. I don’t have big face instead very slim and narrow cheek. Some times I have to use my fingers to push it up slightly off from my eyes during the procedure. I just worry about if this device will squeeze my eyes so hard.

Adem Harmon
4 May 2020

I am very happy with this purchase. It's nice and relaxing and I love it and would recommend it to others.

Lexi Page
4 May 2020

I am a person who likes to read and watch TV,except for working hours ,watching TV and playing mobile sometimes the eyes are sore and tired .this eye temple massage is not bad .after use it I feel my eyes are relaxed and my dark circles a little bit

Ramone Maynard
4 May 2020

I bought this eyes massager for my wife and she loves it. The eyes massager helps her sleep. It has different modes to select. It has music when turned on but my wife likes to turn the music off. She charges the eyes massager during the day and uses it at night before she sleeps. It looks sturdy and cute foldable eyes massager. Thanks

Claire Barnard
4 May 2020

I love this product! I bought one for myself and it is so soothing after a stressful day. I liked it so much I bought a second one for my friend. I especially like the Bluetooth feature so you can listen to music while you relax!

Matilda Weaver
4 May 2020

I really like it, soft cloth, gentle massage, super packaging, inflatable and beautiful storage case. I recommend to everyone

Clementine Barclay
4 May 2020

It works perfectly. Relieves the area in question not to mention that it actually relaxes.

Hibba Mcnamara
4 May 2020

This is my second order and love how the product works as well as fast delivery. Thank you so much.

Davey Rowland
4 May 2020

Fast delivery and product was incredible. Great massage!

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