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Dragon Ball Power Pole


Defend yourself against any attack. From awareness and prevention to realistic functional self-defense techniques or use it just to have fun and to impress your friends, do it all only with the Dragon Ball Power Pole!



Carry around the Power Pole to ensure your safety and self-defense or just for fun! It extends from 2.5″ (6.5 cm) to 43.3″ (110 cm) in a matter of seconds.

With its concealable form, you can silently pop out this bo-staff whenever you are in danger!


It’s also a classic magic trick props, easy to learn and convenient to carry around. After you master it, the effect is pretty awesome.

The Power Pole is built from high-grade stainless steel which can be used for martial arts and self-defense effectively.



✔ Simply press the bottom button to unlock and release the staff. Point the staff away from your face and body to ensure it comes out safely.

✔ Spin this staff at unbelievable speeds due to its unique micro-concave shape. It cuts the surrounding air to increase rotation speed by over 30%!

✔ Easily put back the Power Pole into its small form by twisting and pushing it down, locking it with the top pin.



Material: Stainless Steel

Length when opened: 110 cm / 43.3″

Length when closed: 6.5 cm / 2.5″

Color: Silver



1 x Power Pole


This product will pop up strongly, don’t let its head face the person!

Please keep away from children!




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Zane Hopkins
20 Ago 2020

Alright so I've been debating on buying this product for a long time because of all of the constant bad reviews that I've read but the other day I decided to bite the bullet and buy it for my own sake. This thing is a lot of fun!!! I've come across a pattern from other reviews of people hurting themselves or it breaking or not being able to close. The people who write the bad reviews do not do any research into this product or how to use it correctly. Yes, it is somewhat sharp on the edges, which can easily be fixed with sandpaper or wearing gloves. It shoots out with a decent amount of force so it is somewhat dangerous, definitely practice outside or in a large open space before doing anything inside. And to collapse it, you have to twist the larger end in the opposite direction it spirals in, and push it down a couple inches at a time as you twist it. Overall, this thing is a hell of a lot of fun and surprised my friends quite a bit. Watch a couple videos online on how to use it, and you'll thoroughly enjoy and have a blast. Also, NO it is not meant to be used as a weapon, however once it opens up, I found that if you twist it IN the direction it spirals in, it becomes quite a bit more structurally sturdy and can for sure give someone a good few light whacks without it unspiralling. And if it does unspiral, there are quite a few videos on how to fix it. Don't be deceived by the bad reviews like I almost was, this was so worth my money in my opinion haha.

Caoimhe Phan
18 Ago 2020

Bought two after seeing this on a YouTube clip. Got them very quickly. After reading other reviews, I was very careful activating it. Not really all that dangerous. If you point it at yourself or someone else, it could leave a bruise or possibly even knock out a tooth, but, with normal caution, it is no more dangerous than a bee bee gun. And appropriate for similar ages. I found it to be a blast to play with. There are no instructions with it and they are needed. To activate it, hold it tightly with your thumb on the round tip. Make sure it is not pointed at yourself or another or anything breakable. Pull the pin back and out 90 degrees. Release your thumb and look badass. To recollapse it, put the tip on the ground and push down on the base while turning the shaft in different areas to loosen it. As the shaft compresses, continue pushing and turning until the pin comes out the base. Re-engage the pin to secure it closed, then turn the pin and keep pushing until it is back the way it was in the beginning. It took me about three minutes to do this. All in all, this is a fun toy to startle your friends with or to play Kung fu master. Enjoy!

Clarice Vinson
18 Ago 2020

This is not a toy for kids or even young adults, It doesnt come with directions or at least mine didn't. I got it for my husband jist as a neat little gift. Because mine didnt come with instructions we didn't have a clue how to get it to pop out. There is a pin that hold this together once that pin is removed it comes shooting out pretty fast so DO NOT have it pointing it at anyone!! Like I said we didnt know how to make it come out my husband was just looking at it trying to figure it out and the pin fell out of it and it came shooting past my head. It has a solid thick pointy end on it and had it hit me it definitely wouldn't had felt good and possibly knocked me out so just please, anyone that buys this be safe!

Alexia Valencia
17 Ago 2020

I bought one of these because my wife was always complaining about me not being able to “satisfy” her quickly. I bought this and it quickly erects within one second. Let’s just say, my wife isn’t complaining anymore. 10/10 will buy more for vacations and overall wear and tear, as we like to go at it pretty often. Sometimes she even calls me Darth Maul. Life has improved.

Zakary Whittington
17 Ago 2020

This is a retractable stick. The hollow one. It won't be heavy. It cannot be used as a self-defense weapon, just the kind of props used for performance or play. The operation is very simple. It has a button, just need to flip that button and it will pop out and become a stick. Slower when closing. Otherwise, it may be damaged. Although there is nothing strange. But I still give him 5 stars

Wyatt Oconnell
17 Ago 2020

It's a great magic shrinking stick. I used it when I was performing at school some time ago. The performance was great. My friends were shocked at how I did it. The quality is also very good. I haven't had it for a long time. Any problem, you can expand and contract multiple times, it is highly recommended for those who want to have a great performance effect.

Khalil Everett
15 Ago 2020

I read many people's comments, most of them are talking about how bad this product is, and of course some people say it is good. So I have studied this product carefully during the time I got it. There are indeed some places to pay attention to, but this is a feature of a product. You can’t ask it to be perfect. I think this product is relatively recognized. It is simple to use and very sensitive, but pay attention to safety, and the operations when it is to be recovered must be in order. But I don’t think it’s a problem after proficiency.

Evangeline Khan
12 Ago 2020

Magic is one of the cool things, my little son is like the crazy can be used to describe, in his not how big the bedroom to put a lot of things about magic, the magic wand, and so on a variety of props such as book the magic wand is my present for his birthday on his birthday, he was very happy after school to see want to fly to my arms see him crazy kissed the reaction I immediately feel how right is the gift I bought.

Yazmin Mccarthy
12 Ago 2020

This is a fun item just for show and skits. I wore gloves when learning how to use based in other reviews. Now I am comfortable using it during presentations at work. I've been practicing with this cane and its withstood a lot of abuse from a very easily amused personality. The cane is stronger than expected so you can tap your table with it if you want but it will more than likely scare or startle coworkers. I chose the black cane version since it appears bigger than the silver one.

Willard Le
11 Ago 2020

Fun to mess around with and surprise people with. Only thing I can say tho is although its thin it's still made of pite the many people saying it's dangerous to use there is easy ways to avoid said dangers. For example wear think gloves the first few times using it to avoid being cut. When opening and closing it dont point it at your face or body, that should be common sense.

Rachel Donovan
10 Ago 2020

This has been fun for my husband to use to show his “magic” abilities to the kids. It is easily extended & was surprisingly small when not extended. It took a little practice to get it closed the first time, but once it was figured out, there were no other issues. It definitely does extend quick, so be careful!

Ayrton Brennan
9 Ago 2020

Wawas really quite stiff ts a bit worried reading the other comments, but ended up pleasantly surprised. I think the key thing is that it he first 3-5 times of use, especially the first time. It now telescopes down pretty quickly and is easy enough to use. It's essentially just a giant coiled spiral.

Nadia Daniels
9 Ago 2020

This company is run by some pretty phenomenal people who genuinely care about this company and sell even better products! Everyone do yourself a favor and buy one! Perfect for gifts or personal recreational use!

Charlotte Campos
9 Ago 2020

This is a fun item but be aware it is not meant for any form of combat. It's just a cool instant stick that opens really fast. It will not endure hitting anything hard. Be careful when it deploys so it does not fly out of your grasp.

Maaria Clay
8 Ago 2020

It is great for magic and surprising people but you really need to know how to use it first. Watch a YouTube video on how to use it then you will know how to close it and if it unwraps it is fixable you just need to know what your doing.

Ceri Bryan
8 Ago 2020

Easy to operate,So I deided to have this to tryout.It's really fun and can be reused,you need to do your research first,personally recommend wearing gloves for practice.Its a really fun trick and a great way to waste time.

Jimi Blair
6 Ago 2020

When I saw the ad for this, I thought it looked cool, the best way to open it is to actually let go of it for a split second and let it shoot out both the top and bottom of your fist, so you end up holding it in the middle.

Adem Dennis
6 Ago 2020

Words of advice, I've handled that thing for a while. When it comes to contracting it back into the pocket size, NEVER and I mean NEVER push it without twisting it clockwise first. That way it looses up the tension and making it easier for you to push.

Nina Feeney
5 Ago 2020

After playing with this thing for an hour I had cuts all over my hands and a good bruise on my chest from pointing the thing at myself by accident. Coiling it back up is hard and the damn thing could take an eye out if your not careful. I wouldn't buy this for children unless your kid is trained in combat, or your the cool uncle.

Amalie Andrew
4 Ago 2020

They ain't joking when they say you should wear the gloves that come with it, at least one on your non-dominant hand.Retracting it requires a certain touch and the tutorials I could find only kinda help. But it feels solid and after some practice, while wearing the glove this time, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Dragon Ball Power Pole

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