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Stand out from the crowd



Cyber Glasses are an insanely cool way to get your message out there and get the party going.



Choose between a variety of built-in LED patterns using nothing but your phone – Cyber Glasses come with an app that connects via Bluetooth and requires no internet.

The app allows you to enter your own customized text and drawings or select from a variety of built-in patterns.




Running on a powerful USB-charged lithium-ion polymer 180mAh battery lasting for 500+ recharge cycles, the LED Cyber Glasses will not only survive but thrive on any festival, rave, Saturday night out or a casual apocalypse!



From there, you can then choose the speed, direction, and brightness of your entries. Showcase your creativity and unique style – the only limit is your imagination.

All patterns you create are saved automatically, and you can edit them and switch between them on a finger tap!


A longer push on the conveniently positioned left temple button switches the LED lights on or off, transforming Cyber Glasses to regular shades.

Or you can do it from the app! 



Will Cyber Glasses block my View?

We get this asked a lot – Cyber Glasses were designed not to obstruct your view – so you are able to interact with your surroundings freely.

They can be worn over prescription glasses as well.



Cyber Glasses charge super fast via a USB port on the left temple – a discrete LED indicator light glows red when charging is in progress and green once it’s done.

With a fully charged battery lasting up to 6 hours, the LED Cyber Glasses will endure even the most hardcore of parties without any hassle. 

So are you ready for the party?!

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29 Mar 2020

It's the lowest price for I've ever seen. Thank you so much!

29 Mar 2020

Low priced like this is the reason why I switched to online stores. Thanks!

13 Mar 2020

Works perfectly, happy !

11 Mar 2020

Really fast shipping & good quality. This product looks very interesting and beautiful and have a good quality. My wife was very angry because she thought I was wasting my money but when I wrote her two love sentences on the spectacle screen, she quickly smiled and said that the glasses are so cool , and she herself tried and put the glasses in his cupboard. I recommend & thanks to seller

11 Mar 2020

Just gorgeous!!! Very cool convenient application very many features! (you can customize text, image, animation speed or static, draw lights, General brightness, etc.) I recommend definitely fun for the sake! Let's see how much will hold the charge

11 Mar 2020

I'm happy

11 Mar 2020

Thank you for the product very fast delivery all works fine as in the description.

11 Mar 2020

They look awesome and work amazing .

11 Mar 2020

Item as described it works perfect with the app.

11 Mar 2020

My daughter is there very happy with it works well

11 Mar 2020

Exactly as shown. Very nice party glasses, App control is seamless, plastic quality is also good. Fits good on your face / nose. Recommended seller.

11 Mar 2020

Amazing! Good quality. Nice display. App is easy to use. Connect the glasses to your phone via Bluetooth and you can pick whatever design you like. If you keep the app on and set it to equalizer display, it will use your phone's mic to react to the sound. I love these! Great value.

11 Mar 2020

Very good! You'll be the focus of the party.

10 Mar 2020

Very happy with the quality of and fast shipping!!!

10 Mar 2020

Best webstore ever! happy with my purchase

7 Mar 2020

Very cool product. 10 out 10!!

6 Mar 2020

the store is just the best. savings for are totally worth it

6 Mar 2020

Really love it!

6 Mar 2020

very satisfied with the purchase! excellent goods!

5 Mar 2020

Such a good item for sale in a really reputable shop!

Customized Flashing Cyber Glasses

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